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The Differences Between An Acoustic Guitar And An Electric Guitar

These two guitars are distinguished above all in terms of use and amplification mode.

Depending on the type of sound you want to emit and the style of music you want to play, you will easily orientate yourself towards an electric guitar in the case of rock or metal and towards an acoustic guitar in the case of pop, country, or folk.

The folk guitar has a natural amplification: its sound box is enough to create the sound, while the electric guitar has a body that is defined as full; so the microphones will allow it to emit sounds, thanks to the connection with an amplifier.

Even the shapes of the guitars are different: the electric guitar is thinner than the acoustic model and often has a longer handle.

This is explained by the use it is made of: to play the rhythm or make arpeggios, the acoustic guitar is fine, when you have to perform a solo, especially in the high notes, the electric guitar turns out to be a preciousally.

The electric guitar is polyvalent compared to acoustic or classical. With the electric you can reproduce everything that allows you the acoustic guitar and much more, like the fact of playing properly solos beyond the 12th or 14th key.

The electric guitar allows you to play quickly , to concatenate techniques in a fluid way (legato, slide, hammer-on, pull-off, etc.), since the handle is specifically designed to move your fingers and slide the but no.

To play the guitar with one hand , you will have to learn some training techniques.

For those who like to play reproducing effects, the electric guitar allows you to vary the pleasures: between the different pedals and multi-effects, you can switch from a “fat” sound to a clear sound in one song, get incredible distortion, etc.

How to learn to play electric guitar?

As with any other instrument you want to learn to play, there are several ways to practice for electric guitar.

People who have learned to play electric guitar on their own are very rare, only a few self-taught people succeed and can reach an exceptional level.

But to avoid discouraging yourself and to make sure you get a solid foundation, to get to know the real basics of the electric guitar, I highly recommend that you start playing the electric guitar with a guitar course .

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