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Acoustic Guitar

Playing the acoustic guitar is different from playing the electric guitar even when using the effects.

The effects on the electric guitar are intended to overturn the original sound.

The effects on the acoustic guitar are intended to recover the original sound.

The necessary effects are: di-box , simulator and / or modeller , equalizer and compressor .

Then we can add the ambient effects ( reverberation and delay ).

Finally, they could serve boosters , volume pedal and loop stations .

Therefore, a hypothetical pedalboard for acoustic guitar should consist of:

booster , compressor , equalizer , simulator , volume , delay , reverb , loop station , di-box .

The simulator must be tested in various positions: if before the booster, if immediately after the booster or if after the equalizer and depends on the type of simulator, because some simulators have interposed the di-box, the compressor and the effects.

After completing the tests to be able to obtain an acoustic sound similar to the natural one, we can add ( if we need it ) the modulation effects and / or the distortion effects.

There are multi-effects specific for acoustic guitar : Zoom A3 , Fishman Aura Spectrum , TC Helicon Play Acoustic , Boss VE8 , and others. Who more, some less, allow to simulate and / or model the acoustic sound and moreover have buttons and knobs to add compressors, equalizations, effects of environment, modulation and even distortions.

If we have some effects like the compressor, the equalizer and the effects of the environment and we are not interested in distorting the sound with the modulation effects, we can avoid the multieffect and buy only the effect that simulates and / or models the acoustic sound :Fishman Aura Sixteen , TC Electronic Bodyrez , Boss Acoustic Simulator , Behringer Am400 , Mooer Acoustikar , Hotone Wood , and others.

A separate parenthesis goes to preamamps like those of the LR Baggs and the like. In my opinion they should be purchased only if the guitar does not mount the preamplifier. The preamplifiers have the function of equalizing the sound by cutting or emphasizing the low, medium and high frequencies.

In the forums sometimes you read absurdities, because when someone asks for advice on the purchase of the effects, among the answers there is always the type that says ” I like the sound of the acoustic guitar as it is, without distorting it with the effects “.

It’s an absurdity because at the very moment when we connect the guitar to the amplifier or the mixer, they lose all the natural sound of the instrument. And the effects are just to recover the sound and not to distort it.

Probably the responder in that way is addicted to the electric-acoustic sound and it does not get there with the head that it is possible to use the effects to improve the acoustic sound.

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